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"Altra Vita Georgia" - General Coordinator of the Surrogacy and Donation Programs in Georgia,childless couples' guide on the way to their biggest dream. Georgia is a country where there is a flexible law on surrogacy and donation (the surrogate mother has no legal right to a child). In the leading reproductive clinics of our country, we are successful at in vitro fertilization. High technologies, professional reproductives, embryologists, healthy and motivated surrogate mothers and beautiful donors are the key to success. There are obstetric and neonatal (pediatric) services providing world's standards, which will ensure healthy newborn child. We offer you an individual program, that will be customized to suit needs and desires of each couple.

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Whether you are future parents or wish to become an egg donor or surrogate, put our experience and resources to work for you

Our compassion and our experience come through in everything we do. Some of the most recognized experts in fertility routinely work with Family Creations as their agency of choice:



Making dreams come true one family at a time The three pillars of surrogacy: Patience, diligence and empathy

Altravitageorgia is among the world's most recognized surrogacy agencies.

Family Creations built its reputation on these three essential traits. They are what we look for in every one of our associates. Our surrogacy program demands each in our daily practice.


Obstetrician Gynecologist


Neonatology Resuscitator Founders of "AltraVitaGeorgia" and coordinators of medical tourism at Georgia

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